Education marketing consulting is the cornerstone of our relationships with our partners

Whether it be market development, brand awareness, qualified lead generation, enrollment marketing and more, our process begins with taking the time to gain a deep understanding of our client’s goals as well as historical obstacles to achieving them.

a group of people sitting around a table covered in sticky notes conducting a planning meeting

A path to your vision

Advance 360 Education’s consultative process relies on deep understanding of our client’s business objectives and providing solutions to help realize a vision.

Part of Advance Local, we are able to provide expert education marketing consulting on a range of complex challenges our clients face. We are truly a synergistic company made greater by the sum of its parts.

Business objectives, growth, vision, what’s happening today and where do you see yourselves going – once we understand your goals, we put the depth of Advance Local resources behind achieving them.

two women sitting at a table during a consultation meeting

Step 1 - Consultation

We ask questions and we don’t limit our desire to understand simply to your marketing campaign objectives. What are your business objectives? Your growth strategy? Your vision for your future? What are your perceived obstacles to success? Our consultative process generates a roadmap for success, guiding our strategy based on our collective and documented goals and objectives and ultimately delivering the expected results.

man standing in front of a glass wall covered in sticky notes and marker writings

Step 2 - Strategy Development

With a deep understanding of a client’s vision, we assess how we can help achieve objectives. We bring together the depth of Advance Local resources. Experienced education marketers within Advance 360 Education to Advance Local’s Advance Insights data science group, applying the power of Aduna – a cloud based data intelligence platform built for education providers and more, our collective teams work synergistically, developing strategies to achieve your objectives.

a group of students walking through a college campus

Step 3 - Execute

Our role doesn’t end with delivery of a strategy. While today, the goal may be addressing enrollment decline in a core geography, the vision may be growth through new program development or campus expansion in new markets. We are committed to our clients’ success and continue to apply our depth of resources as markets react and objectives evolve.

Advance 360 Education performed market research on our current campus locations. The research was designed to provide insights on market behavior, along with population trends. Advanced 360 utilized student data to help provide a full picture of how well we were penetrating the market geographically and demographically.

Trishe Haworth, Midwest Technical Institute

Advance 360 Education is our partner and highly interested in our success. They have a team of dedicated experts who almost seem more committed to our success than we are. They are constantly providing updates, feedback, input and support at every level.

Patrick Hart, NYADI - The College of Transportation Technology