Today’s student prospect has evolved. Has your admissions process?

Are outdated enrollment strategies leaving you with sub-par results? Prospects aren’t what they used to be. Our modern approach to enrollment training and proven techniques will help you introduce a repeatable process that will help to turn more inquiries into enrollments in today’s ever-changing environment. Our experienced enrollment trainers have excelled in admissions, marketing and enrollment management and understand how to succeed in the advisor role by addressing the interests and challenges among today’s students.

Advance 360 Education marketing campaigns deliver qualified leads. Our comprehensive approach to admissions training is designed to ensure your admissions team is compliant and prepared to turn qualified inquiries into enrollments.

Problems we solve

  • Low inquiry to enrollment rates
  • Low retention rates
  • Low enrollment numbers
  • Lack of repeatable strategy and process
  • Unmotivated teams lacking confidence
  • Outdated enrollment strategies

Training solutions and customized process to meet your needs

Advance 360 Education Admissions Training programs are customized to meet your needs. Solutions cover a range from establishing the right foundation to succeed to educating admissions advisors on how to engage and convert today’s student prospect.

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The Foundation

From fostering a positive team culture, setting KPIs to achieve enrollment goals and educating admissions advisors on financial aid, compliance and other key considerations, our training solutions prepare your team with the foundation to begin preparing for action.

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Preparing for Action

The right contact cadence, from phone to voicemail, email, text strategy and video messaging, is critical to leveraging the enrollment skills your team will embrace.

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Turning a qualified inquiry into an enrollment requires an understanding of today’s student prospect. From the first enrollment call, admissions interview to overcoming objections along the way, our experienced admissions consultant will provide the guidance your team requires.

Understanding the prospect and proven experience to convert

Recognizing that Marketing and Admissions must work together, combined with a profound respect for enrollment compliance, and deep knowledge of the student prospects Advance 360 Education campaigns reach, our customized admissions training programs are effective. We understand the inquiries we deliver and we know what it takes to turn them into enrollments.

headshot of sarah holmes senior account executive and admissions trainer at advance 360 education

Sarah Holmes

Sarah has more than 12 years’ experience as a former Executive Director of Admissions & Marketing with one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. She uses her sales techniques and expertise to help schools grow their population. She’s been consulting with vocational schools for the past five years and, with Advance 360 Education, shows schools that the power of more enrollments is the perfect mix of digital marketing and admissions.

headshot of krystal rodenbaugh digital sales strategist at advance 360 education

Krystal Rodenbaugh

Krystal understands the power of marketing and admissions working together. Her experience spans admissions team including undergraduate and graduate programs drawing students from diverse backgrounds and needs.

headshot of joe leonhardt senior account executive at advance 360 education

Joe Leonhardt

Joe Leonhardt is a 25-year veteran of higher education largely in enrollment management, marketing and campus operations leadership including large-scale programs. A lifelong leadership fan and educator, Joe knows how to engage and inspire admissions teams to succeed. In his free time, Joe teaches leadership at the university level.

This is the most students we have had. Ever. In 35 years. And this happened so fast. It was such little things that have made a big difference.

Andrea Akard

School Owner


Learn more about how customized Advance 360 Education Admissions Training programs can help your school establish the right foundation to succeed and educate admissions advisors on how to engage and enroll today’s student prospect.

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