Our data, technology and expertise become your competitive advantage

Our digital strategy and execution rely on extensive data management that allows our team to build custom-targeted audiences to inform message development and reach the most qualified audiences across the digital ecosystem.

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Low lead volume and unqualified leads inhibiting enrollments?

Are you getting leads, but they don’t convert because they aren’t qualified? Does your current enrollment marketing strategy lack the depth of data to understand your ideal student prospect profile and to find the right student prospects across the digital ecosystem? Does a lack of qualified leads drive your cost-per-enrollment too high?

Inefficient campaign strategy

A shotgun approach to audience targeting leads to inefficiencies, driving up cost-per-enrollment.

A frustrated admissions team

Lack of refined audience segmentation drives unqualified leads that bog down your admissions team.

Losing enrollments to competitors

Without data-informed audience segmentation, you’ll lack the competitive edge and lose prospects to other schools.

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Data Creates Audiences

We combine your data, our exclusive first-party data from affiliated premium publishers, with the best from more than 50 of the world’s largest data providers to develop highly refined target audience segments. With an audience-first approach, we talk to prospective students across social media, streaming media, mobile apps and websites in language that will resonate.

Data revolutionizes our audience approach, and best predicts consumer action resulting from our efforts

We begin with your own CRM, historical or other data, and combine in our Data Management Platform (Lotame) with our own first-party data and the best from more than 50 of the world’s largest data providers such as Acxiom, Experian, VisualDNA, AdMobius, Datalogix, Bluekai and more.

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Activating your data

Your CRM data are securely uploaded and matched to numerous leading first- and third-party data sets in our data management platform, creating audience profiles and look-a-like audiences.

Our data management platform

Using proprietary first-party data from affiliated publishers, combined with the best from more than 50 of the world’s largest data providers, our team builds custom-targetable audience segments based on individual attributes, media consumption habits and online behaviors.

Delivering audiences across the digital ecosystem

Our fulfillment engine, powered by the depth of experience, technology and resources of Advance Local, multi-channel digital enrollment marketing campaigns are delivered to engage custom audiences built specifically for Advance 360 Education clients.

Higher education client successes

Our depth of knowledge and experience is evident through successes across the spectrum of higher education programs. We connect data to strategy, content and cross-channel distribution to produce positive results for higher education clients.