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Higher Education marketing in today’s environment requires a dedicated partner who understands the complex, constantly evolving digital landscape in which educational institutions compete. Leveraging the breadth of resources across Advance Local, Advance 360 Education connects data to strategy, content and cross-channel distribution to produce positive results for higher education clients.

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Problems We Solve

Low Enrollment

Our proven outcomes are a result of integrating powerful data targeting into cross-platform marketing solutions to accurately pinpoint prospective students, increasing enrollment and maximizing your return on investment.

Poor Quality Leads

Our process and data-driven audience segmentation and channel strategy leads to cultivating the most qualified leads.


Our transparent, campaign reporting provides real time insights to manage campaigns toward efforts that are most effective, efficient and produce positive ROI.

Uninspiring Messaging

Brand in education is powerful. We believe that education changes lives. Our process uncovers a school’s competitive advantages and helps a prospective student see the opportunity to change their life. This inspires action.

We CAN Help

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Education Marketing Services

Whether it be brand awareness, enrollment marketing, alumni engagement, public and private fund development and more, we start by taking the time to gain a deep understanding of campaign goals as well as barriers that might prevent audiences from engaging.

Foundational Strategy

From start to end, consultative planning, data and the experience to know what to do with it differentiate Advance 360 Education. A well-thought-out strategy and real-time optimization are the foundational forces behind our successful education marketing campaigns.

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Data Science: No Single Source Tells the Whole Story

We do not simply rely on instinct to make assumptions about audiences or key data points. Our Advance Insights data science and marketing intelligence group marries market research with first- and third-party data to create data intelligence. Through this deeper understanding, our education marketing services take on a higher level of effectiveness.

Messaging, Creative and websites: Brand is powerful

The most strategic of media strategies can fall short if message strategy and website user experience is not on-target. Understanding our education clients’ brands, combined with the desires of diverse student audiences, are the foundation in developing and refining creative strategy, landing pages and websites that resonates and engage student prospect audiences.

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Realtime Optimization: A formula for positive ROI

From the initial strategy to campaign optimization, our approach goes beyond that of the lead. We work collaboratively, across departments, to understand the effectiveness of leads in generating enrollments. After the lead is generated, we work collaboratively to follow the student through their journey to understand the path to enrollment. Understanding the enrollment cycle ultimately leads to greater ROI.

Meet student prospects where they are

It is essential that channel strategy recognizes what media potential students are seeing, engaging with and leveraging to make school decisions. Our education marketing services, combine deep experience in all digital channels with our depth of data, produces positive results for our higher education clients.

Digital Display and Video

“Layered Display” is Advance 360 Education’s own unique and effective approach to display and video. By targeting an audience in stages, we effectively impact and influence the most relevant prospects as they research, develop deeper interest, and ultimately make decisions.

Location-Based Mobile

Our mobile location-based platform uses the most accurate data: GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell Triangulation. A more commonly used method of IP address and apps with user registration is simply not as accurate.


We have the data to target propensity, not just affinity. Our data provides detailed, granular audience segments and audience clusters that illustrate real-life personas. Pairing this with social channel’s data-management platforms provide our clients the opportunity to reach very specific audiences on leading social channels.


Automation, combined with analysis and optimization from dedicated search strategists, efficiently deliver quality conversions. Automated campaign setup and provisioning get PPC campaigns running in one turn-key approach. Budget management and hourly-bidding technology ensures every campaign delivers maximum results with pointed focus on KPIs.


Our Advance Local in-house team, with search experts dedicated to Advance 360 Education, our teams work closely with our clients to align a unique, audience content strategy, holistic brand authority and conversion optimization approach to establish a strong foundation for overall marketing performance.

Content Marketing

Content consistency across channels is critical to reach a multitude of targeted audiences throughout their decision journey. Since audiences engage with all forms of media in their awareness, research, consideration, and decision stages, it’s critical to have a uniform approach to serve the message that will resonate no matter where they are.


Brand in education is powerful. We believe education changes lives. A school’s brand is a clear signal to student prospects about who you are and what you offer and how you can help change their life. That’s why the message you put in front of your audience is every bit as important as your media strategy. Our creative has proven to engage audiences across digital mediums. Explore creative portfolios.

Web Development

A school’s website and campaign landing pages are the beating heart of a digital strategy. Our web development experts work collaboratively with creative, data analytics, SEO and CRM integration teams. Our approach results in not only a user experience that reflect our clients’ brand, but is designed and optimized to drive engagement that results in qualified leads to drive enrollments.

Our Process

Collaboration, research, data analytics to drive strategy.

Learn More

1. Discovery

Consultative planning – a cornerstone of relationships with our clients.

2. Analysis

Data and market intelligence – a competitive advantage.

3. Design

Audience segmentation, channel strategy and message development.

4. Build

From Google Analytics and Tag Manager to tracking pixels and more, setting up the right foundation is key to success.

5. Launch

Establish early benchmarks against KPIs.

6. Optimize

Optimize campaigns, in real time, toward greatest ROI.


Advance 360 Education is recognized as a trusted expert within the digital marketing industry. Our partnership credentials give us access to dedicated support, competitive intelligence and best practices that ensure we are using the latest technology and approach to maximize results for our clients. In addition, our team members hold industry leading certifications.

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A dedicated team of industry experts with a diverse set of experiences

Advance 360 Education has more than 110 collective years of higher education experience including team member experience both within agencies as well as within schools. This includes positions in admissions, marketing, financial aid, student engagement and, of course, cross-channel marketing.

Meet the Team

They have a team of dedicated experts who almost seem more committed to our success than we are. They are constantly providing updates, feedback, input, and support at every level. I have never experienced the type of top-notch service and commitment to our success as Advance 360 Education.

Patrick Hart, President

NYADI - The College of Transportation Technology

Higher education client successes

Our depth of knowledge and experience is evident through successes across the spectrum of higher education programs. We connect data to strategy, content and cross-channel distribution to produce positive results for higher education clients.