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The client turned to Advance 360 because of our reputation for excellence, credibility of our expertise and data, and our team infrastructure to fully support and monitor their digital marketing efforts.

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Campaign Results

400% +
Average monthly ROI
Average leads per month
TrueView Video campaign view rate
SEM conversion rate
12 - 15
New students per enrollment period

A leading culinary center provides hands on training and a simulated work-like environment to prepare students with the skills, techniques and professionalism to achieve life long career goals.

The center offers courses in hotel operations and commercial cooking and catering. The center enjoys a fairly steady enrollment due to their work with government assistance programs to help provide veterans and the disabled with the skills to achieve and maintain a rewarding career.

The success of the Center's programs with their current government assistance clientele encouraged them to extend their program offerings for general enrollment

The center believed they could expand the impact of their programs by allowing more people the opportunity to learn and grow in the hospitality field. With a goal of increasing new student enrollment by 10 – 15 students per session, the client turned to Advance 360 Education because of our reputation for excellence, credibility of our expertise and data, and our team infrastructure to fully support and monitor their digital marketing efforts.

The Advance 360 Education digital team worked closely with the client to identify the types of student prospects to target and the most relevant geographies to reach them.

SEM campaign to drive leads and conversions.

The Advance 360 Education search team developed an exhaustive list of relevant search terms/keywords to connect with potential students with an interest in hospitality, cooking and culinary education. Naturally, with the vast number of general consumer searches for cooking-related topics, the search team also implemented an extensive list of negative keywords such as bakery, demonstration and celebrity chef names, for example, to maximize the search budget and prevent budget loss due to incompatible appearances on search result pages.

What We Did

Facebook Lead Generation ads extend brand awareness with a call to action.

Facebook lead ads were targeted to Veterans to inform them of the government assistance programs as well as recent high school students who are just starting to think about a career path, and people specifically interested in a culinary career. Lead generation ads delivered prospect information immediately to their email and CRM.

SEO (organic search) expertise strengthens client’s website to improve organic rankings on search pages.

The search team reviewed the client’s website and updated existing titles and descriptions with optimized content. They created a unique page for Veterans with fresh content and optimized images. The team also reworked and optimized their Google Business listings and helped to get their blog page functioning.

Display Remessaging ads reinforce the brand message and offer to recent website visitors.

For potential students that came to the client’s website via organic or paid marketing efforts to learn more about their programs, visitors that did not convert were served additional digital display messaging to keep the client top of mind and encourage conversion.

TrueView Video can provide the most engaging level of messaging to connect with an audience.

What better way to highlight the school’s facilities, meet faculty, glimpse classes in action and hear from satisfied graduates to make a lasting impression on prospective students?