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This multiple location beauty school came to Advance 360 with an interest in the agency’s holistic approach to beauty school marketing. Multi-channel campaigns, added to a base of SEM, have yielded the positive results the client desires.

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Campaign Results

Increase in qualified lead generation
Increase in assisted SEM conversions
2X +
SEM engagement and conversions
Increase in qualified leads from social campaigns
~ 2X
Industry average display click-through rate

This Advance 360 Education client was attracted to our holistic approach to digital marketing

including mastery of multiple channels, the relationships between them and the demonstrated use of data focused digital marketing strategy to yield positive ROI.

The client’s prior campaigns lacked message consistency across marketing touchpoints leading to inconsistent performance.

A360 Education was challenged to launch a campaign that would deliver consistent year-over-year qualified lead growth with an ultimate goal of increased enrollments.

The campaign focus was to build upon Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) success by layering additional channels into the strategy.

SEM: Constant optimization was key to success. As the campaign was in motion, the A360 Education team of search marketing experts:
  • Added new keywords and negative keywords based on user’s search queries to improve the relevancy of search result
  • Removed high-cost keywords to ensure the budget focused high performing keywords
  • Updated ad copy leveraging Google’s responsive ad format which programmatically shows the most relevant ad copy to each individual user based on their search inquiry
Social: The campaign launched mid-COVID pandemic where job loss was high and so was social media engagement.

Targetable audiences were meticulously developed based on employment status and renewed career desires among those displaced from their more recent jobs. Compelling messaging that was sensitive to the audience’s mindset was a key to success. And, the strategy took advantage of lead generation functionality within the Facebook platform, generating leads without the student prospect having to leave their social media environment. And consistent with A360 Education’s approach to campaign management, continual optimization focused on a shift toward look-a-like audiences built upon the characteristics of the highest performing audiences with a beauty interest.

Digital Display: Adding to a base of re-messaging display advertising targeted toward those that had visited the client’s website, an aggressive layered display campaign was introduced.

Layered display effectively combines multiple audiences throughout the purchase funnel to maximize display and search results. Audiences consisted of those with demonstrated vocational education interest, interest in the client’s competitive set, audiences determined as being in-market among others.