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Digital savvy approach to video advertising yields nearly 4 times more direct conversions at a lower cost per click.

Campaign Results

the number clicks at a lower cost per click
more direct conversions
decrease in cost per lead

Increase effectiveness and efficiency of video creative assets in the digital environment.

One of Advance 360 Education’s clients is well known in their markets and diversified in their media approach including strong reliance on television commercials built in-house. Though this school had begun running video ads via digital channels like YouTube, Advance 360 Education noticed that the school’s marketing team was still creating videos that embodied characteristics of traditional television commercial format. Our strategists challenged our client to allow us to take a new approach to video creative, for a technology program, designed to engage prospects on desktop, mobile and TV.

Developed new video creative optimized for the YouTube environment.

Consistent with YouTube specifications, the ads Advance 360 Education created allowed users to “skip ad” after 5 seconds, making it paramount that a compelling message appear within just the first few seconds to ensure the viewer was engaged and would continue. This was key to improving performance in the YouTube environment. A keen focus was placed on an immediate call-to-action with an interactive technical copy relevant to the program. The spot also included voiceover script strategically designed to resonate with the ideal target audience of 25–34-year-old student prospects. The ads linked directly upon click to the correlating program landing page where direct conversions were captured.