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Cosmetology Education


Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable agency partner to help us achieve lead and enrollment goals within our budget.


SEM/PPC campaigns experienced consistent growth YOY between 2019 and 2021. 2019 up 6%, 2020 up 32%, and 2021 up 109%. Social campaigns experienced substantial growth YOY in the same period of time. 2019 up 238%, 2020 up 400%, and 2021 up 28%. Advance 360 Education also provided admissions training which increased our conversions by an average of 3% YOY.


We have been very satisfied with the results of our digital ad campaigns, new website and landing pages, admissions training and overall partnership Advance 360 Education has provided.


Advance 360 Education’s Account Service Representative was a delight to work with and always available. They gathered the right people from the Advance 360 Education team. The Executive Director of Analytics was thorough and precise in their approach with research. They were so accommodating when we wanted the data presented slightly different to see impact by removing a program or campus to the overall trend. They are great problem solvers and come to the table with additional research to support recommendations.


I would absolutely recommend Advance 360 Education! I quickly became a raving fan after years working with many different agencies who failed to deliver promised results.

Advance 360 Education is the first agency we have worked with that truly understands the obstacles we face and provides trustworthy solutions that helped us grow our enrollments by delivering quality leads.

Director of Marketing