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Earlier this summer, Google announced that it was delaying the depreciation of 3rd party cookies from within its Chrome browser environments. Originally planned for implementation in 2022, the phasing out is now planned to begin mid-2023.

Why is this important? Well, if you are a client of Advance 360 Education or have talked to us about why we’re different, you’ve heard us talk endlessly about data – and how, as part of the Advance Local family, we use our deep data sets and technology to help your school efficiently capture qualified leads from your most desired prospects from across the digital ecosystem.

We will do what we’ve always done – figure out ways to connect our advertisers with their best prospects using the best technology available at the time.

We recently spoke with Jeff Sutton, VP of Ad Tech and Programmatic at Advance Local about our outlook and involvement with the evolution of ad targeting in what will eventually become a cookie-less, more consumer privacy centric future. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“Advance Local, which includes our affiliated Local Media Groups and agency divisions such as Advance 360 Education, are a longstanding Google partner. With that, we have a seat at the table with those who are making decisions pertaining to the Chrome browser, those that are making decisions around ad technology and those who are making decisions around privacy as a concept within Google. We have a first party relationship with them and we’re working directly with Google along with a group of about twenty other Comscore top 50 publishers.

Advance Local supports the Sandbox. The Sandbox is Google’s initiative aiming to provide anonymity to consumers of web content while preserving the efficiency of ad delivery without the use of third-party cookies in Chrome and other browsers that adopt the framework. We think that there’s a lot right about what Google is trying to do with it, but we know it’s not going to be the only thing we do.

We also know that the ecosystem is bigger than Google. We’re working with others who are building incredible solutions to enable ads personalization in support of our advertisers.

In the end, we will do what we’ve always done – figure out ways to connect our advertisers with their best prospects using the best technology available at the time.”

Advance 360 Education is Advance Local’s marketing agency solely focused on the education vertical.

Advance Local owns and operates businesses spanning media, marketing, content innovation, software and data science. Advance’s portfolio includes Advance Local Media Groups (MLive Media Group, Advance Ohio, Alabama Media Group, NJ Advance Media, Advance Media NY, MassLive Media, Oregonian Media Group, PA Media Group and Staten Island Media Group), Advance 360, The Alpha Group, Headline Studio and ZeroSum.

Leveraging the capabilities across Advance Local, Advance 360 Education provides end-to-end campaign strategy and execution connecting data to strategy, content and cross-channel distribution producing positive results for education clients.

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