Midwest Technical Institute




Advance 360 Education performed market research on our current campus locations. The research was designed to provide insights on market behavior, along with population trends. Advance 360 Education utilized student data to help provide a full picture of how well we were penetrating the market geographically and demographically.


Using the research provided, we were able to adjust our marketing strategy to find incremental lift by targeting the segments we were not capturing but fell within the personas of our target demo. We were able to layer in cable buys and billboards with demo specific “switcher” messaging using the zip-code information provided by Advance 360 Education.

Achieving objectives

Advance 360 Education understood our student demographics and was able to show us pockets of opportunity. They took our data and showed us trends within geographic areas, where our drops were coming from and offered solutions to help reduce the number or to re-engage those students. Both of these either helped persistence or drive enrollments.


Advance 360 Education was so easy to work with. We had little back and forth because they got the objective quickly up front. The other area I commend Advance 360 Education upon, is the turn-around speed of the overall project. It was exceptional.


Advance 360 Education’s Account Service Representative was a delight to work with and always available. They gathered the right people from the Advance 360 Education team. The Executive Director of Analytics was thorough and precise in their approach with research. They were so accommodating when we wanted the data presented slightly different to see impact by removing a program or campus to the overall trend. They are great problem solvers and come to the table with additional research to support recommendations.

I recommend Advance 360 Education to other companies or departments based on the ease of working with the Advanced 360 Education team, the breadth of knowledge the team possesses and ultimately the impact of the results of the engagement.

Trishe Haworth

VP Marketing and Enrollment Operations, Midwest Technical Institute