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PODCAST: Stephen Arthur, Director of analytics, ECPI

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Advance 360 Education is proud to be a partner of the EdUp Experience Podcast, America’s leading higher education podcast.

In this New EdUp episode, I was honored to co-host a dynamic interview along with EdUp Host Dr. Joe Sallustio and their special guest, Director of Analytics at ECPI University Stephen Arthur.
In this engaging, wide-ranging interview, we cover education topics ranging from the Adult learners, data analytics, Esports, serving military students, retention and various student services to include writing skills.

It was truly a pleasure to speak to Stephen. He has an analytical mind, wears many hats and is passionate about what he does. Enjoy this discussion!

Stephen Arthur, ECPI University EdUp Experience Podcast

Advance 360 Education is a proud partner of the EdUp Experience Podcast, America’s leading higher education podcast. The EdUp Experience is hosted by Dr. Joe Sallustio, who takes complicated educational topics and makes them fun & engaging to discuss. Elvin Freytes, Producer, brings the most innovative leaders in higher education to the microphone. Stay up to date with education & higher education with guests ranging from University President/CEOs to Venture Capitalists, to Ed-Tech Entrepreneurs.