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Higher Education

Brand in education is powerful Individuals looking to further their education have countless options to choose from.  We strategically develop the right messaging, select the perfect imagery, and design eye-catching creative to break through the digital noise while strengthening our client’s brand.

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Fort Lewis College

Campaign objective focused on increasing brand awareness amongst specifically targeted high school students and their influencers.  Utilizing client assets, campaign creative was developed for multiple channels to convey the student experience unique to Fort Lewis College.

Fairfax University of America

A multi-channel digital media strategy to drive brand awareness and increase fall enrollments required a series of both static and video creative to promote the client’s various degree programs, scholarship opportunity, and culture.

Samuel Merritt University

Partnering with client’s agency to manage the digital media campaigns for a specific online degree program, our design team utilized client assets and messaging to ensure brand alignment.

Schiller International University

Creative development centered around the unique challenge of building awareness for a global education brand with one campus location in the United States.  Crafting clever messaging to compliment engaging imagery and footage achieved desired campaign outcomes. 

St. John’s University

Creative development for a multi-degree program focused campaign required the collaboration of both the client’s design team and our own.  The result generated highly effective static, animated and video ads for display and social campaigns.